Cover Orange Level 56 Walkthrough | Area 3 | Level 3-56

Cover Orange Level 56 walkthrough is a fun physics stage. Drop your captain’s wheel along the ramp at the bottom of the left screen. Your wheel will then roll down the ramp and set the wagon into motion. After that, you’ve got to time everything just right. Drop your captain’s wheel on the mini-bomb before the orange makes it to the wagon. As the bomb explodes and the wagon continues to move, you need to drop the purple barrel on the right side of the wood plank above the wagon.

The first captain’s wheel is going to stabilize your wagon on the right side of the road. The purple barrel is going to fall off the wagon, bounce off the ramp and sit upright, creating a wall beside the wagon. The Stormcloud will dump its acid rain but your oranges will stay dry. Next level!

As an added bonus, we have the Alternate Cover Orange Level 56 walkthrough. The first step is to drop your captain’s wheel down the wood ramp, located on the far left. The wheel will then roll into the wagon and put it into motion to your right. You need to time this next drop. Wait for the wagon to get closer and drop your second captain’s wheel on the mini-bomb and right side of your orange. This will nudge the orange over to the wagon and cause an explosion that loses the wheel.

Now drop your purple barrel at the very edge of the wagon. This will cause it to flip on its side and create a roadblock that stops the wagon from moving any further. The remaining motion of the captain’s wheel locks the wagon into place and creates a makeshift safe haven for your orange. The stormcloud blows by and your orange stays dry.

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