Cover Orange Level 99 Walkthrough | Area 5 | Level 5-99

Code Orange Level 99 walkthrough has you dropping the first captain’s wheel on the lowest orange to your left side. Now drop the purple barrel next to that same orange, effectively blocking it from moving. Your next move is to drop another captain’s wheel on the left side of the highest orange on the left side of the screen. Once that happens, your orange will move to the right and into the other orange on the right side. Wait for the orange to roll by the orange above it on the right and then drop another captain’s wheel on the right side of the top right orange, which will cause it to move to the left. Three of your four oranges should now all be moving along to their safe spot.

If you wait a second, the wheel will bounce back and roll down behind the three oranges. The wheel will drop off and land on the giant swing, which will bring the fourth orange over to participate in the orange train to the safe haven. All you have to do now is drop the purple barrel on the top of the fork of that giant swing. Your goal should be to flip that barrel to the right and create the roof to the safe haven. The stormcloud passes by, drops its acid rain and is foiled, yet again by your mad skills.

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Area 5
Level 5-99
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