Cover Orange Level 68 Walkthrough | Area 4 | Level 4-68

Cover Orange Level 68 walkthrough has you dropping the first rectangular crate on the far right mini-bomb. After the explosion, drop your captain’s wheel on top of your orange. Eventually, the wheel will roll off the orange and to the right. The next step is to drop the purple barrel on the far right, so that it slides off of the tree tops. The next step is to repeat that move with the rectangular crate. It will bounce around and rest on top of your orange. The stormcloud will blow by and your orange will remain dry and protected.

This is a bonus Alternate Cover Orange Level 68 walkthrough. Drop your rectangular crate at the bottom of the ramp that is on the ground (to your right). Now you will want to drop your captain’s wheel flat on top of the rectangular crate. The objective is to hit absolutely nothing, so it will sit still. The next step is to drop the purple barrel on the far right mini-bomb. This causes an explosion that turns the boulder arm in the opposite direction and forces that captain’s wheel into other arms, which move your orange back towards its safe haven. Now drop your second rectangular crate on the edge of the teeter totter swing. This should launch your orange directly to the opening, where it can fall to its safe haven. The stormcloud will then blow by and dump its acid rain on a mini-bomb, which causes an explosion, as well as other things. Your orange remains dry and you advance to the next level.

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